Admit One Production


In space, no one can hear you scream, but on Earth no one listens to your screams.



Using symbols on costumes to unite people in a future governmental organization. The concept is inspired by morphing aliens who reflects the Earth when driving a spaceship.

Written and Directed: Abhinav Sinha

Produced: Jehan S

Starring: David Ogrodowski, Nick Zar, Gavin Dietz, Gretchen Sperling, Samantha Story-Camp, James Quinn, Brian Stowell, Peter Georgopoulos, Evan Bradbury, Harrison Salvi, Ariana Pasquella, Callie Droe

Co-Producers: Tim Berger, Dustin Brown

VFX: Kyungkuk Kim, Abhinav Sinha


Sound: Tara Molesworth

Production Assistants: Kevin Hejna, Emily Laird


Make-up and Costume: Mohan Yeh


Set Designer: Eduardo Pienta