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Interactive VR Flim


This choose-your-own-adventure film was made in association with Stitchbridge, a local tech firm based right here in Pittsburgh! Dive into a world where, using your voice, you can change the way ParentSense unfolds! In this 360 film, the viewer plays a central role in the story and can make choices (with voice recognition/inputs!) that alter the way the story unfolds. This will be a free app later on in the summer on the Google Play Store.

Written and Directed: Abhinav Sinha

Co-directed: Jaehee Cho


Produced: Jehan S, Sarabeth Boak, Jack Tsai


Starring: Evan Bradbury, David Ogrodowski, Mary Houle, Nick Zar, Carrie Lee Martz, Samantha Angelina Franzi, Ariana Pasquella, Lindsey Shurmatz, Sydney Shurmatz, Gretchen Sperling

Co-produced: Tim Berger, Connor Meyers


Costume and Make-Up:

Meng-Han (Mohan) Yeh


Sound: Chauncey James

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