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Precursor work to ModiFiber

Homeostasis is the realization of the Morphing Matter Lab’s exploration at the intersection of academics and aesthetics. Novel research into the usage of twist and coil techniques for silver-coated nylon muscles, which have never been used in fashion, enable shape-memory behavior and the realization of silent autonomously responsive textiles, without the need for loud motors. From the equilibrium between microscopic technology and macroscopic design, Homeostasis pulls at the minimal and organic forms of the human body as inspiration for a line in which every piece is a living and breathing display of its own. We defy the expectation that fashion must be a static display, and engage the capabilities of futuristic textiles to execute striking metamorphoses in the moment.

Homeostasis was showcased 2/17/2018 at Lunar Gala: Ferox, an annual student run fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University, to an audience of over one thousand people. It exhibited in Innovative Costume of the 21st Century: The Next Generation at the State Historical Museum, Moscow. The science paper - ModiFiber: Two-Way Soft Thread Actuators for Tangible Interaction was published to CHI (the most prestigious Human–Computer Interaction conference)

Director: Lining Yao

Team Head: Jack Forman

Designer/Draper: Meng-Han (Mohan) Yeh

Fabrication Chief: Alan Guo

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